AnySwap UI friction points

I believe there are unnecessary friction points in the exchange. but because I am so used to the exchange, I stopped seeing a lot of small problems here and there in the interface.

I think the following can be easily resolved by the team:

  1. The default page should be the Swap page not the Dashboard. Since this is an expected behavior for any crypto trader.
  2. Send function is useless, confusion and no body is using it. just remove it
  3. Add links to tutorial videos to the interface, to teach new users how to swap, pool, etc
  4. Create Exchange button in Pool tab is not active. should also be removed
  5. Swap button on the dashboard is expected to take you directly to swapping the selected pair. currently it takes you to the default pair, which is ANY

any other suggestions?

I believe that there should be a Send button, but it should not be in the swap menu and it should not require you to do a swap. We definitely need a way to easily send assets to another wallet, including and not limited to the base assets (FSN, BNB, ETH, HT, FTM).

what I understood, that send won’t work with exchanges. and your funds will get lost if you did that. or am I missing something?

The Send button works right now by doing a swap and then a send (all on the same chain), updating the smart contracts for each token. You can’t send without swapping, which is just silly. I am suggesting removing the need to do a swap first, which should be a trivial change to the code.