Dedicated Communication Squad

The communication squad is formed from passionate community members with experience facing off to tech projects
The communication squad connect once per week or fortnight with the development team (or Dev Lead) to get updates (via Zoom, Skype, etc)
The updates the squad receive get broadcast through the various social media channels to help the Anyswap community stay connected to the project
Objective: take pressure of Developers to manage outward communication, let Developers code, but ensure community receives regular updates

I like the idea. but having face-to-face communication is not necessary to succeed.
I think once the community fund is unlocked we can activate our Ambassador program and get some momentum building up.

Agreed face to face community is not necessary. The important aspect is the regular connect between a team of people dedicated to comms, and the development team (who are relieved of a large chunk of their comms responsibility to focus on engineering)