Enable voting for all ANY in circulation

To empower the community and ensure engagement, I believe that all ANY in circulation should participate in active voting. Some proposals have less than a 1000 ANY, which is a joke.

The major obstacle that faces anyone is that you need to unstake your ANY, remove it from liqduity and/or bridge it. This procedure is not practical at all. if you have 1000 ANY invested in HT-ANY pool, for example, then you miss on the rewards for 1 day and pay 40 ANY for bridging twice. removing from liquidity also entails Impermanet Loss.

Proposed solution: the team should enable voting for all ANY in circulation, including all platforms, and whether it’s staked, provided in liquidity, or farms.

I propose to make this is a formal proposal on our governance platform. and I urge everyone to vote this one time even if it entails some losses. I know I am asking for much, but this is the only way to activate the community: make voting easy.

Governance link here: https://vote.anyswap.exchange/#/anyswap/proposal/QmUKHKPR7pioTWsbw4PUUSiqkRVXPSaDMMZMZpAoy2fzjQ


Good idea, i will vote for this proposal.

This would be great. But how easy is ot in practise. Can the system keep watch on contracts on other blockchains?

  1. Should be able to vote with LP token weight, no rewards for voting
  2. Single asset ANY voters can consider voting locked rewards - YES and NO enabled VOTE should have equal weight to avoid bias

I am pretty sure the team can do it. the solution does not need to be elegant in the beginning. even a client side script that calculates the votes manually is good enough.

good idea too. perhaps we can introduce some in the next proposal, once voting becomes mainstream for everyone.
we will have fun tweaking and perfecting the economics of ANY :joy: