Gitbook for AnySwap

Marcel made a great job building the

but I feel it must be linked directly to subdomain:, and also be migrated to Gitbook.

All crypto projects use Gitbook. perhaps it might be a better idea to commit to what a normal cyrpto user is expecting.

Also, Gitbooks looks awesome.

I’m happy to migrate to GitBook if that is what we want to do. Right now the documentation is hosted on Anyswap’s github and readthedocs easily converts the text to the right format, which means I can update frequently.

If GitBook understands Sphynx 2.0 then it should not be hard to convert it, but I want to keep the base documents on github.

here is an example of what I am talking about:

this looks beautiful maybe we can follow the way they are organizing the content too.

Also: the creation of the Gitbook should be a community task that is rewarded from the community fund. we just need to agree here if it is needed, and what content should go there.