Strategies to encourage capital retention on AnySwap

So far, we have three successful campaigns for farming. The locked liquidity on our platform and the volume explode during these events, to die out one or two days later.

On Ethereum, the gas price is high. Small investors don’t move around much until they realize enough ROI to justify the gas cost. Unfortunately, we don’t have this situation on Binance Smart Chain, Fusion, Fantom, or Huobi Eco Chain. The gas is very cheap, and even small investors can hub around different farms the same day chasing the highest APY.

To encourage staying, I propose the following:
Every day you stay in a pool, you get 5% more ANY rewards than a new investor. Maximum of 3x, which is equal to staying in the pool for eight weeks. (Concept inspired by Ethereum Defi platforms like Badger and SnowSwap). During this duration, you can withdraw at any time. But if you staked back, then your multiplier resets back to 1x.

The above proposal has the following advantages:

  1. New investors, who come to farm on our latest events, will enjoy their stay, and perhaps they might stay to enjoy the multiplier.
  2. Existing investors will enjoy a multiplier the longer they stay. It will be a game trying to reach the highest multiplier they can achieve, and every day when they collect their ANY, they will earn more ANY than the day before.
    3. Most importantly, ANY price: ANY price will increase because more rewards will go to long-term holders, who don’t sell their ANY daily, and less to speculators and farm-and-dumpers

One more point, some investors might prefer not to farm in external events, If an existing investor decided to leave the pool and farm, he is basically resetting his multiplier and increasing the rewards for everyone else. Specially those who don’t farm. So again everyone is happy

I don’t know if this would help ANY or not but, I do like the idea of rewarding long term comitment to the pools. I think it’s important it’s done across the board and not in selected pool promos.

Stable liquidity is worth so much more than short term liquifity.

It should help ANY by driving the positive behavior of holding not selling. because now people can see it is a money generating vehicle.
Also I agree that the rewarding should be applicable to all pools. However, not all pools get ANY rewards. Those that get ANY rewards, should enjoy the time multiplier.